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Fix Android Error Checking for Updates on Google Play Store



When you are using an Android device, one of the most important apps on your phone is the Google Play Store. It is where you manage your apps, discover new to install ones, and download whatever you want. But, there are times when the Google Play Store may not be as perfect as we want it to be.

One of the issues you can find on your Google Play Store is the “Error checking for updates”. Updating an app can help enhance its overall performance and download added features that will improve its functionality. However, some users reported that they receive the error when they try to update their apps on their Android phones through the Play Store.


How Do I Fix Error Checking for Updates on Google Play Store?

There are different ways on how you can fix the “Error checking for updates” problem on Android. Follow each method one at a time and see if it helps you solve the issue or not.

Method #1 – Restart Your Android Phone

Credit: Todd Jiang/Unsplash

One of the first steps you can do when fixing an error is to restart your mobile device. Press the Power button and select Restart. Wait for it to reboot and recheck the error.

Method #2 – Clear the Google Play Store App Cache

The problem may be due to a corrupted cache in your Google Play Store.

  1. Navigate to the Settings of your Android device.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Tap the Apps.
  4. Choose Google Play Store.
  5. Go to the Storage option.
  6. Tap the Clear Cache button.
Credit: Windows Dispatch

Method #3 – Clear the Google Play Store App Data

If clearing the cache does not work, you may need to clear the data in your Google Play Store. When you delete cache, you are only removing temporary files in your app. But, Clear Data means that you are deleting the app data and set your app back to its default setting. You may also need to sign in again.

  1. To clear the app data, navigate again to Applications and then Apps.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and select Storage.
  3. Instead of tapping the Clear Cache button, tap the Clear Data button.

Method #4 – Uninstall Recent Updates

Credit: Windows Dispatch
  1. Go to the Settings of your device.
  2. Select Applications and tap the Apps option.
  3. Select Google Play Store.
  4. On the app info page, tap the three-dotted icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Tap the Uninstall Updates button.

That’s it! Which of the methods above work for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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