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How to Fix Google Pay Error Code OR_BIBED_08 or OR_BIBED_01 Issue



Google Pay is joining the ranks of top online payment platforms as it lets users make purchases even if they don’t have their cards or cash with them. The service boasts an easy and simple-to-use interface that makes using Google Pay a breeze.

However, despite its perks, some users are let down because of the error codes they encounter while using Google Pay. Two error codes that have been reported are OR_BIBED_08 and OR_BIBED_01.

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Resolve Google Pay Error Code OR_BIBED_08 or OR_BIBED_01

Unfortunately, as of writing, there is no sufficient information about these error codes on Google Pay or what causes them in the first place. But all hope is not yet lost.

Here are some basic troubleshooting methods that you can try to fix the Google Pay issue and get rid of these error codes.

Update Your Google Pay App 

The fastest and easiest way to fix error codes OR_BIBED_08 or OR_BIBED_01 on Google Pay is to check for the latest app update. Although you might have automatically turned on app updates, it wouldn’t hurt to go to the app store on your device to ensure that you have the newest Google Pay version.

Ensure Proper Update on your Google Pay App

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While you might have been told time and again that you can fix most issues with an app with a simple update, there are instances when error codes show up because of faulty updates. App updates are not always smooth, with developers often missing out on issues that may result in a malfunctioning app. 

  • If your Google Pay app was recently updated and it suddenly stops working, the culprit might be a buggy update.
  • If your app showed the error codes at the same time that you last updated Google Pay, you got the answer to your issue there.

Sadly, you can’t do anything else to fix it. Your only option is to wait for Google to fix the problem. 

Confirm the Correct Phone Number on Google Pay

Using an incorrect phone number in Google Pay can make your app malfunction because it’s a security requirement to verify your identity through your phone number. The good news is that fixing it is easy.

Make sure you verify your phone number either on the app or in the browser to ensure that it’s not the cause of the error codes. 

Check Your Network Connection 

You need a strong and reliable internet connection when using Google Pay for in-store and online payments. Error codes may pop up if your connection is weak or poor.

Try to switch to mobile data if you have a spotty WiFi connection.

Always Use Updated Cards on Google Pay

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Did you get a new debit or credit card? Did you change banks recently?

  • Whatever it is, make sure that the card details in your Google Pay app are correct.
  • It includes the number of the card, the CVV codes, and the expiration dates.
  • You also have to ensure that the name you entered is the same as what’s indicated on the card.

Seeing error code OR_BIBED_08 or OR_BIBED_01 on your Google Pay app can easily put you in panic mode. However, while there is still limited information about these errors, the basic troubleshooting tips above may be able to help fix the issue.



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