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How to Hard or Factory Reset Wyze Cam or Pan Outdoor/Indoor Cameras



Do you own an outdoor Wyze security camera? Are you having trouble resetting it to default factory settings or are unsure of how to do it? 

Resetting your Wyze camera monitoring device can be an intimidating task, but this article will provide helpful information and step-by-step instructions on how to hard reset or factory reset different Wyze cameras you own. 

How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Wyze Cam V1 Outdoor Camera

Image credit: Wyze

A hard reset or reset to the default factory settings of a Wyze Cam v1 can be done in just a few simple steps. 

  1. First, if the camera has an inserted microSD card, it should be removed before beginning the process. 
  2. Next, plug the camera into power and press and hold down the setup button at its bottom for 20 seconds. 
  3. The user should then wait for at least 30 seconds to allow time for the camera to initiate itself once again with all of its default settings restored to their original state.
  4. Once these steps have been successfully completed, users will find that any changes they had previously made are now gone, as are any data or recordings stored on their device’s memory card (if applicable). 

This is why it is important not only to make sure that no microSD cards are installed but also backup anything valuable prior performing this procedure so nothing gets lost during this process! 

Additionally, depending on how long certain settings were changed, some may need additional reconfiguration after a hard reset in order to work correctly again going forward, such as Wi-Fi credentials or other related issues like motion detection sensitivity levels, etc.

How to Reset Wyze Cam v2 & Pan Camera Devices to Default Factory Setting

Image credit: Wyze

In order to perform a hard reset on the Wyze Cam v2 and Pan camera models: 

  • First, remove any microsd card that is inserted into the device; then plug in the power cable; 
  • Press and hold down the setup button for 10 seconds until you hear an audible sound within 30 seconds after pressing it; 
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds before releasing it as this will initiate a reboot process that should clear out all memory stored in the camera’s internal storage. 
  • If this method does not work properly, then try flashing firmware using the steps provided on the manufacturer’s website or manual’s Section 5.
  • Once these steps have been successfully completed, your Wyze Camera should now return to its default state, allowing you access once again without any prior configuration required from the user side other than connecting Wi-Fi network details, etc. 

This procedure can also help resolve common problems such as slow connection speeds or incorrect video quality output due potential corrupted software files being stored on device memory over time causing conflicts between hardware components thus resulting poor performance overall when trying use product normally day-to-day operations wise too!

How to Hard Factory Reset Wyze Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Camera Device

Image credit: Wyze

Here is how you can perform the process: 

  • First, remove any microSD cards that may have been inserted into the camera before beginning this process, as they will not be saved during this procedure.
  • Next, plug the power adapter into an outlet and then connect it directly to your Wyze Cam v3 device.
  • After that, press down on the setup button located at the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds until the LED light turns solid blue, indicating a successful connection has been established between the device and power source.
  • Then wait for about 30 seconds while the system initiates itself, after which the entire process could take up to 5 minutes, depending upon the speed of the internet connection being used by the user.
  • Once complete, all previously configured settings will now have been erased from memory, allowing the user to start afresh with customizing their preferences according to their desired needs and requirements.

Resetting Wyze Base Station Devices to Factory Defaults

Image credit: Wyze
  • To begin performing the hard reset on your Wyze Base Station, start by gathering some supplies, such as a paper clip or similar tool. 
  • Then locate the small hole next to the USB port in your base station and insert one end of your paper clip into this hole until you feel resistance from within. 
  • Next, press down firmly on top of this tool for several seconds until an orange LED light appears at which point release pressure from atop of it then remove entirely from inside said hole upon completion. 
  • This process should take no more than 10–15 seconds in total but will result in all settings being restored to their default values, thus solving any potential connection issues that were previously occurring.
  • Once completed successfully, power cycle both devices (base station and associated camera) by unplugging them completely, then plugging them right back up again after waiting 30 to 60 seconds, respectively, so they can properly initialize themselves once more and reconnect accordingly with each other afterwards without further delay or difficulty going forward thereafter. 

However, do not attempt factory resets on outdoor hubs known as WOC since these cannot be reverted due to technical limitations.



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