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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error on Wyze Camera Website



Wyze provides smart home security cameras, gadgets, and video doorbells that are feature-rich, incredibly affordable, and perform well. A lot of users use this, despite the security fiasco.

However, just like any other app or service, users could face some errors. One of the most annoying problems we could encounter is error 500, an internal server error when accessing the Wyze camera website.

500 Internal Server Error on Wyze


Error code 500 is a general problem with Wyze website’s server when accessed through a laptop or desktop computer as well on mobile phone browsers. An internal server error could be from a temporary glitch in the website’s programming. It could also be a problem like your device’s cookies and cache. Fixing this could be frustrating because it does not tell you immediately what is causing the error.

So you have to do every solution you can think of to solve it. But do not worry, as we gathered solutions to help you fix this issue. 

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Wyze Camera Website 500 Internal Server Error on Mobile or Computer Browser

 Refresh the Wyze Web Page that you’re Accessing

By reloading the page, you can quickly eliminate temporary loading issues. Select the refresh button at the top-left-most corner of your browser, or press F5 or the control button and R to see if the error will be fixed. Refreshing a webpage with this error is proven to be often successful. 

Check for the Wyze Server Status

Image credit: Wyze

Go to downdetector.com to check the Wyze server status. It must be presenting an error because of its server. 

Wait and Try Again 

If this error occurs, the company must already create a fix. It is outside your control. Wait for a few minutes, then refresh Wyze. Keep waiting and see if their team has already fixed the issue. 

Try A Different Web Browser Or Another Computer, Mobile Device

There must be a bug in your web browser. Try using another one, as it might work. It could also be your computer that is causing the error. Use a different computer or even your mobile phone browser to check if the issue occurs. 

Put Your Browser Through Incognito Mode

It does not hurt to try. It might bring the Wyze website to work again. 

Check For An Update

Your computer’s or browser’s operating system may need to be updated. Outdated versions can also cause errors like this. Updating them can prevent errors like this from happening. 

Clear Your Browser’s Cookies and Cache Data

Deleting cookies might help reload the page. After deleting the cookies, reload your webpage. 

Cache stores unnecessary data that might be intervening with the Wyze website. Clearing the cache might be a fix. 

Restart Your Internet Router 

Try accessing it by a different IP address. Restarting your WiFi connection can also renew your IP address. 

Clear Your Internet Settings

There must be something wrong with your WiFi settings. Clearing it might help with error 500. 

Use a VPN Server

Your location or an ISP level might be blocking the Wyze website. Use a VPN and manually change your time and place. Doing this could make a difference.

Here are some of the best services in the market today you can try today:

Contact Wyze Customer Support

If the above fixes do not work, you have no choice but to contact Wyze to ask for support. Wyze has a poor customer service reputation because they tend to ignore the client’s request. But there’s nothing to lose by trying. 

We hope one of the solutions above fixes error 500 so you can use your security camera again and feel more secure once more.



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