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How to Use and Set up a Spotify Premium Duo Account



Spotify just launched the Spotify Premium Duo subscription plan. The new subscription tier is intended for couples or two people to share a Spotify account while enjoying the individual benefits.

Both will have a premium account on the music streaming service but the price tag is way cheaper than having two separate premium plans. This is the latest offering from Spotify and it is slowly being rolled worldwide.

What is Spotify Premium Duo Subscription Plan


This new tier allows two persons to share one Spotify premium subscription plan while enjoying the benefits of having two individual accounts. They will have two different logins in a single Duo plan. It’s a perfect solution for those who are sharing a regular Spotify plan as you won’t have to worry about creating individual playlists or being kicked out of the service once the other user logs in on another device.

On top of that, users can save on the monthly subscription fees as the Spotify Premium Duo is considerably cheaper than having two different accounts. It only costs $12.99 / £12.99 / AU$15.99 per month as compared to the $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$11.99 per month on each regular account.

Since the Spotify Premium Duo plan links two separate accounts, users will also get a Duo Mix playlist auto-generated from both of your listening activities.

It’s a pretty good deal though, with a little caveat, you need to be living under the same address with your listening buddy. This is pretty much the same arrangement with Spotify Premium for Family plan, so you might have expected that already.


How to Set up a Spotify Premium Duo Account

To get started with Spotify Premium Duo, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to an existing account or sign up for a new Spotify account.
  • To change your subscription plan, go to the Account page.
  • You will then need to invite the other person to join your Duo plan through email, or any other service you choose.
  • Your listening buddy needs to accept the invitation and confirm that you both live at the same address.
  • Once confirmed, you will now both have access to a Spotify Premium Duo account.

If you already have a premium account, all of your music, playlists, and recommendations will be transferred over automatically to your new Duo account.

Please also note that the person who initiated the account set up will be the one who needs to take care of the bill. So, before getting this plan, it is better to work out how you will be splitting the cost of this subscription.


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  1. I have set up Spotify for the first time and chose Spotify Duo for my wife and I. My wife does not have a Spotify account. I have sent her the invitation BUT try as she might the system is not letting her join. Please send us separately full and complete instructions as to how she can accept the invitation and join duo because the instructions given so far are clearly deficient and causing extreme frustration and considerable anger.


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