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How to Fix Exit Error Code -1073741819 or -1073740791 on Minecraft Game



Minecraft has been popular with a lot of people. You’ll see this in most streaming platforms. It gives the gamer a chance to explore and create. It fuels creativity and resourcefulness.

It’s delightful that you don’t even feel the time passing. But sometimes, the fun is interrupted. Have you ever encountered Minecraft crashing or having an exit error? If this is the first time and you have yet to learn what you will do or how to fix it, this is for you.

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Methods to Troubleshot Minecraft Error Exit Code -1073741819 or -1073740791

Minecraft error exit may be caused by several reasons, such as incompatible hardware or software, outdated drivers, computer files issue, corrupt game files, and malware/viruses on the computer.

Try to Update your Graphics DriversĀ 

Make sure your graphic and audio drivers are updated. Doing this will make your computer run smoothly and faster. Updating your drivers will also give you higher resolution making your gaming experience more enjoyable.

Reinstall Minecraft

One of the causes of Minecraft error exit is a corrupted games file. You’ll need to uninstall your Minecraft version and reinstall the latest version to fix this. Reinstalling Minecraft will ensure that the game files are installed correctly.

Install Available Update on Java

Updating Java improves the computer’s system, stability, and security. You’ll have to update Java at least four times a year.

Scan for Viruses on your Device

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Viruses and Malware will slow the performance of your computer resulting in Minecraft crashing. Scan your devices occasionally to prevent hackers from stealing your information. You can also use third-party apps to ensure the security of your computers.

Disabling Conflicting Program or Software

Programs and Software running in the background take a certain amount of resources from the computer, so disabling it will make your computer run faster. It will give the resources it is taking resources. Here is what you’re going to do if you want to disable apps running in the background:

  • Start Window > Settings > App > Apps & Features.
  • Here you’ll find a list of the apps; select the app you will disable.
  • Select ‘More options’ > Advanced Options > Background App Permission.
  • Then you’ll see ‘Let this app run in the background, select never, and you’re done.

Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

Overlays use bandwidth and can create incompatibility with other programs or software, so disabling them for a better gaming experience can be a good idea.

Allocate more RAM

If you want your Minecraft to run smoothly and correctly, you must allocate more RAM. Insufficient RAM may cause an exit error code. Here’s what you’ll need to do to allocate to RAM:

  • Minecraft launcher > Launcher options > Select your profile> JVM Argument > Add.
  • Type Xmx2G and you can replace ‘2’ with the amount of RAM you want to allocate.

Check System Files on Computer

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Corrupted system files may result in devices not working smoothly as they should. A simple reboot of the system will solve the problem, but you’ll have to run the system file checker for the more complicated issues. To scan your system, do this:

  • Press Window + X > Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Then, when you see the ‘user account control,’ click ‘Yes.’
  • After that, you will have to type SFC / scannow, then ‘Enter.’
  • This will also automatically fix the corrupted file. After scanning, reboot your computer.

Try Different Minecraft Version

Sometimes, the problem is because of the incompatibility between devices and the Minecraft version. For example, lower devices can only support older Minecraft versions. This happens because there are features that Minecraft’s newer versions have that are not backed up by the device’s software.

In this case, you must install a particular arrangement working on your device.

If you still have problems with exit errors in Minecraft, contact Minecraft Support or Tech Support Professional.



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