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Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording Failed to Upload to Stream



Microsoft Stream is an easy way to upload and share videos with people in your organization when you are using Microsoft Teams. You can record your video meetings on Microsoft Teams and upload it to Stream to share with everyone.

However, some users reported an error when they try to upload their Microsoft Teams recorded meeting to Stream. If you experience the same way, check out the solutions below.

How to Fix Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording Failed to Upload to Stream


Method #1 – Wait For a Little Longer

It may be due to poor connection or technical errors. But, waiting also helps. Some video recordings are uploaded after waiting for a few hours.

Method #2 – Check Your Stream License

It may depend if you have a valid Stream license or not. Your Microsoft Teams may also not be enabled for Stream. You have to check if your Microsoft 365 subscription has the Stream capabilities.

There are various subscriptions to Microsoft 365 and based on these subscriptions are different Stream capabilities. For instance, Education A1 enables you to view and upload videos but not create live events. Your current subscription may be the cause of the error.

Check your Microsoft Stream License

Method #3 – Make Sure That You Have the Upload Permissions

You need to have permission to upload your videos on Stream. If you are the Stream admin, you can check if the settings allow you to upload videos. If you are not an admin, then you have to ask them to change the settings for you to upload videos.

In the settings, see to it that you check the option Allow everyone to view this video. It will help in your successful video upload.


Method #4 – Always Accept the Upload Policy

Microsoft Stream does not allow uploading of videos without accepting the upload policy. If you are unsure if you have accepted the upload policy or not, try to manually upload a video to Stream and the policy will prompt you to accept.

Try any one of these methods above to help you upload your meetings to Stream. Which of the solutions worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.



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