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How to Fix Netflix Error NW-4-7, NW-4-8 and NW-2-5



If you encountered any of these Netflix errors: NW-4-7, NW-4-8 and NW-2-5, then this article can help you find the right solution to solve the problem. You can get going with your binge-watching in no time. One of the reasons why you see Netflix errors NW-4-7, NW-4-8 and NW-2-5 is because of network connectivity issues. There may also be problems with the device that you are using.

Netflix Error NW-2-5

So, to help you fix Netflix Error NW-4-7, NW-4-8 and NW-2-5, check out the solutions below.

Solution #1 – Sign Out of Netflix

Sign in Netflix
  • On the left side of your home screen, open Settings or you can click the gear icon.
  • Click Sign Out.
  • Click Yes to confirm.
  • Wait for a few seconds and try to sign in to your Netflix account.

Solution #2 – Restart Your Router

  • Turn off your TV or streaming device.
  • Unplug your router and modem and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug in your modem first and wait until the lights are on.
  • Plug your router and wait until the lights are on.
  • Turn your TV or streaming device on and open Netflix to see if the error still appears.

Solution #3 – Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet Speed
  • Launch a speed test on your Internet connection.
  • Try to open a browser and see if it can connect through the Internet.
  • If you cannot connect, the problem may be with your poor Internet connection. Contact your provider for assistance.
  • If you can connect to a website, try other solutions below.

Solution #4 – Bypass Your Router

Instead of using a router to connect to your modem, you can directly connect your device to your modem.

WiFi 6 Router
  • Turn off your TV or your streaming device.
  • Using an Ethernet cable, plug in your TV or device directly to your modem.
  • Next, turn off your modem and unplug the connection from the power source. Wait for 30 seconds and plug it in.
  • Turn your modem on and wait for the lights to turn on.
  • Turn your TV or device on and open Netflix to see if the error is still there.

Did the article helped you? Let us know which steps above fixed your Netflix error. Tell us in the comments below.


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