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Turn Off and Stop Netflix from Asking “Are You Still Watching?”



We all love to binge-watch a series if we are glued to its plot and characters. Streaming services such as Netflix make it possible for us to watch every episode of a series for hours. We can play each episode continuously up to the end of the season if only we have the time.

Netflix will automatically play the next episode of a series for you, which makes it convenient if we are set to binge-watch all day. However, there are times when Netflix block us with the question, “Are You Still Watching?” before the next episode plays.

Why Does Netflix Keeps Asking “Are You Still Watching?”

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If you are annoyed by the “Are You Still Watching?” question notification from Netflix, they have a good reason for it. According to the streaming service company, they stop the next episode with the question to make sure that users are still watching and not sleeping in front of the screen. Netflix is asking in good faith so that users who slumber will not consume Internet data while missing out on the next episode.

If you are watching at least two episodes of a series without touching the controls, the question will appear in two minutes before the next episode. While it is a good thing for Netflix to help its users save bandwidth, some users are on full alert and are just annoyed by the interruption.

How to Stop Netflix from Asking “Are You Still Watching?”

Method #1 – Click the Continue Watching Button

This method does not permanently stop Netflix from asking the annoying question. It simply closes the notification so you can move on to the next episode. Netflix will ask again if you haven’t touched your playback controls for a long time. This solution works both when you are streaming Netflix on TV or a browser.

Method #2 – Turn Off Autoplay the Next Episode

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Netflix has an autoplay feature that lets you continuously watch every episode without interruption. But, it also triggers the question when you are not touching the controls. One way to stop the question is to turn off the autoplay. The downside is that you need to play the next episode manually.

  1. To turn off autoplay, launch any browser and go to your Netflix account.
  2. On the upper right corner, click the Profile icon.
  3. Navigate to Manager Profiles.
  4. Select the profile that you want to use.
  5. Look for the Autoplay controls section.
  6. Uncheck the box beside the Autoplay next episode in a series for all devices option.

Method #3 – Use a Browser Extension

If you stream Netflix using a desktop computer, you can make use of the browser extensions to turn off this notification. Unfortunately, only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have browser extensions that enable you to bypass the “Are you still watching?” question. Chrome has the Never Ending Netflix extension while Firefox has a simpler extension called Netflix Pause Removal.

You can choose which of the methods above will work for you. We would love to know what method is your best choice, so drop us a comment below.



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