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Fix Apple Music Request Timed Out or Resource Unavailable Error



A lot of users are using Apple Music to stream their favorite music. It features ad-free music with millions of songs to choose from. However, some users are complaining about an error when they try to play a song. They encounter the “Request Timed Out” or “Resource Unavailable” error even when they try to download music content.

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If you experience the same error, check out the solutions below to help you fix it.

Tips to Fix Request Timed Out or Resource Unavailable Error on Apple Music

Solution #1 – Relaunch the Apple Music App

The first thing you must do is to close your Apple Music App, wait for a few seconds, and try to launch it again. This quick-fix will help refresh your connection.

Solution #2 – Enable Your Apple Music App Again

Credit: Apple

Another way is to reenabling your Apple Music app. Instead of reinstalling the app, just like any other, you can simply disable and reenable it. However, reenabling will not delete any information on your Apple Music.

  • On your device, open the Settings.
  • Select Music.
  • Look for Show Apple Music. Toggle it to Disable.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds and toggle it back to Enable.
  • Now, launch your Apple Music and check if the error exists.

Solution #3 – Make Sure Apple Music is Not Blocked

Your router may be the reason why you are encountering the error. Your router configurations may not allow Apple Music due to controlled data usage. Check your router’s configurations and make sure it allows Apple Music to stream songs.

In some cases, mobile data may also hinder the music streaming in Apple Music. Check if you have enabled your mobile data to connect your Apple Music properly. Also, make sure that you have enough data to stream from your Apple Music.

Solution #4 – Reenable Mobile Data for Apple Music

Credit: 9to5Mac

If you are using mobile data, reenabling the option will help resolve the error.

  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Click Mobile Data.
  • Look for the Music option and toggle it to disable.
  • Open your Apple Music App.
  • A notification will prompt you to turn on your mobile data.
  • Select Settings.
  • Look for Music and toggle it to enable.

Solution #5 – Downgrade Your iOS Software

Credit: Apple

If you have encountered the error after you have installed an update, try downgrading. It may be a problem with your recent iOS software update. To downgrade your software, go to Settings. Click General and select Software Update. Look for the previous software and install it.

Which solutions above work for you? Tell us in the comments below.


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