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How to Generate QR Codes with Google Sheets



QR Codes are widely used these days. With just a simple set of codes, you can have access to different information without going through the manual process of searching. This is useful if you want to share data like addresses, authentications, payments, or URLs.

Many businesses are integrating the use of QR codes to make it easier for their customers to connect with them. QR codes stand for Quick Response Codes, which offers, as the name implies, quick responses to information or online locations that you need. It is similar to a barcode but is made up of white spaces and black dots.

Now, you can generate and make your own QR codes using Google Sheets. With a simple formula, it is quick and easy to generate several QR codes in less time.

How do you Create QR Codes in Google Sheets

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To get started, you will need to take note of this Google Sheets formula:


This is the formula you need to add on your Google Sheets to create the QR Code. You can change the cell location between the two & signs. In the example above, the cell location is A1.

  • Now, to start making QR Codes, launch your Google Sheets.
  • Click Create a new spreadsheet.
  • You can use two columns: first is for the URL that will lead to the information you want to redirect your users. The second column is for the QR Code.
  • Add the URL first and on its QR Code cell, copy and paste the formula. Make sure to change the cell location.
  • Do the same to each of the URLs that you want to generate a QR Code. Always change the cell location.
  • If you have many URLs to generate QR Code, click the formula cell and drag the blue box until you reach the end of your list.

That’s it! Now, you can easily create as many QR Codes as you want using Google Sheets. What do you think of the method above? Share your thoughts with us by dropping a comment below.



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