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How to Clear or Delete Cache and Data on Hisense Smart TV



If you are looking for an affordable smart TV, you may have chosen Hisense smart TV. It is considered as one of the popular alternatives to high-end smart TV brands like Samsung, Sony, LG or VIZIO. You might want to check this list of the best and latest smart TVs from Getflink.

Hisense TV is no different from any Smart TV in the way it operates. It is powered by Android TV and stores caches and data that can affect the functionality of some apps. Technically, the cache is supposed to improve your smart TV viewing experience. However, too much cache and data stored in your TV’s memory can disrupt the normal operation and can keep you from binging on that TV series on your list.

We listed the method below on how you can clear and delete the cache on Hisense Android smart TV.

How to Clear Cache or Internet Memory Data on your Hisense Smart TV

Credit: Phandroid
  • Press the “Home” button on your TV remote control.
  • Then, choose “Network” on the setup options.
  • Hit the ‘Clear Internet Memory’ button to clear the cache.

Any problem with the apps on your Hisense Smart TV should now be gone after clearing the cache. Please note, though, that this process also resets the apps to their default settings.

Clear Cache and Data on Hisense Roku TV

Hisense Roku TV is different from your usual Android smart TV. It runs in Roku OS and it may have a few incompatibility issues with the firmware on your Hisense TV. Some users have reported several errors including apps that do not work on their smart TV. In other cases, there are frozen screens and remote glitching when they use their Hisense Roku TV.

Credit: Hisense

If you encountered errors on your Hisense smart TV, one of the best solutions is to clear the cache. While Roku does not store cache, Hisense Roku TV may be using up a lot of memory due to its design.

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You can clear the cache on your Hisense Smart TV by performing a factory reset. Check out the steps below.

How to Factory Reset Hisense Roku TV

  1. On your remote, press the home button to open the main menu.
  2. Press the arrow buttons and go to Settings.
  3. Click System.
  4. Now, select Advanced System Settings.
  5. Click the Factory Reset option.
  6. Select Factory Reset Everything option.
  7. A code will appear on the screen. Input the code.
  8. A confirmation will appear. Confirm and wait for your TV to reset.
  9. Once your Tv has finished rebooting, you will need to configure your Hisense TV.

Wrapping It Up

Hisense smart TV has made its way into many homes and offered an enjoyable streaming experience. You can download apps on your TV. But, like any other device, it has its faults and errors. You may not need to expect a lot from it.

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How was your experience with Hisense smart TV? Do you think is it worth having a Hisense Android TV over a Hisense Roku TV? We would love to know what you think, so drop us a comment below.


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  1. I have the roku version, and it works pretty well. Processor speeds are good, usability is good. It just got bogged down recently probably from adding apps. So I tried to clear the cache but there was no easy way to do it hopefully future updates will help. Mine is a Highsense 55″ 4K roku TV from Costco.

  2. I have a Hisense 32″ with Roku – connected to wifi at 95Mb speed. Having many issues from screen freezing to watching a moving and having it suddenly juimp to its “home screen.” I occasionally mirror my device to the TV having the TV freeze while the device continues to show the movie. I also have tried using a HDMI cable yet experiencing the same issues.

  3. If all else fails. Look up how to clear cache on roku. Hit home 5 times, press up, press rewind 2 times, then press fast forward 2 times. This should clear the Roku memory/cache and help restore some of the princess speed.


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