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How to Use Bing Visual Search on Windows Search Bar



There are so many questions we have in our minds and these sometimes pop up in the middle of a task. Looking for answers online is easy but it usually takes time to open a browser when we are in a different application.

For example, you are working on an essay and disrupting your train of thoughts will only bring you back to square one. But, there is a fact that you want to verify. Opening a browser and waiting for it to load takes several seconds and soon will crash your thoughts.


Windows sees the problem and now offers an added feature that will eliminate the extra effort in searching online.

A New Search Feature on Windows Search Bar


We are used to the idea that the Windows Search Bar makes our lives easier in accessing application, file, or settings on our computer. Even offline, we can use the search bar effectively.

Now, imagine using the same search bar in looking for facts found online. The Windows Search Bar now has an added features that takes their search process to the next level. With the Bing Visual Search, users can now use the search bar just like a browser’s search bar.

You can type in questions that you would normally on a browser and it will quickly give you web results. It does not require you to open a new browser but simply do it where you are or what application you are in. It is easier and faster to use and it can give you quicker answers in just one step. The goal is to make web access closer to users.

To search on a browser, go to the Windows search bar. Type in your text or URL. Then, wait for the search results list. You can look for music videos, stock prices, or weather forecasts. You can also type in the app you want to download.

The Bing Visual Search Feature


The new search bar feature integrates Bing’s browsing feature. You can make search more efficient and accurate thanks to its Visual Search feature. Instead of typing your text on the search bar, it allows you to paste images that you want to search. Some users find it hard to give precise description of what they are looking for. It is better using a screenshot of the image and the search bar will give you related results.

Users from the U.S. will experience the new search feature first and expanding to the international markets. Users will need to have the Windows 10 May 2019 or newer to use the feature.

How to to Use the Bing Visual Search


You will find the Bing Visual Search at the bottom right corner of the Windows Search window. To search your screenshot.

  • Click the Bing Visual Search button. The Windows 10 snipping tool will appear.
  • Next, go to the image you want to search and snip it in all sides.
  • If you have a photo stored in your computer, simply open the photo.
  • Right click for the drop down menu and click on “Search the web with image.”


Web searches made our lives more convenient and wider because of the valuable information we can find. Make it extra easy with the Bing Visual Search and you will have more accurate results to what you are looking for. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Bing Visual Search.



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