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The Importance of Backing up your Microsoft Office 365 Data



Risk mitigation is as crucial in a business as implementing strategies and policies. In every business policy, there are underlying risks that we must take into consideration and ensure its minimal occurrence to avoid losses. When we fail to manage business risk, it becomes a huge mess that will affect everything in the organization.

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to safeguard your data in cloud storage. Through its online collaboration and sharing system, while giving you online storage, you can depend on Office 365 when it comes to data storage and protection.

But, can you fully rely on Microsoft Office 365 to protect your data 100%? Why do other users consider backing up their Office 365 data?

Potential Threats in Storing your Data on Office 365 Without Backup

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Office 365 offers cloud-based services that enable you to share, collaborate, manage, organize, and store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, and other data online. With the Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft SharePoint Online tools, you can integrate various applications that will make communication, management, and collaboration among users in your team easier and more efficient.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office 365 does not give you the most effective backup process that you must have for your Office 365 files and documents. While Office 365 does have backup policies, recovery, deleted items protection as well as retention policies, it does not guarantee that your data will not be lost or compromised. Let’s check out different incidents on what possibilities may happen.

In an organization, user error is unavoidable, even if we have a powerhouse team working on our business. Needless to say, despite us doing all the work, we cannot avoid the potential mistake in data input and deletion.

What if you or one of your users deleted an email? While deleted items are forwarded to Recovery, there is a limited number of days before it is fully and irrevocably deleted by the system. As long as you try to recover it within the allocated time allowance, you can still save your deleted data. But, how about deleted files left unnoticed?

In some cases, malware can purge your data and compromise your security system. Security breaches may take days to deal with and solve, which further increases data loss in your system.

Both incidents above are external threats that you can help minimize with efforts such as improving staff training and investing in more solid and reliable privacy and security systems. But, your business data is more valuable than the risks you have to undertake if your practices are left mishandled.

Microsoft Office 365 offers hundreds of versions in case of accidental data deletion or file mismanagement. But, it still does not guarantee effective recovery, especially if you have hundreds of versions to dig into.

When server outages occur, there is also a threat of logging issues to your Office 365. Not being able to log in and access your data will also have repercussions in your business, especially if there are time-sensitive decisions. Technical issues like expired certificates or other policy and online issues are inevitable even on Office 365.

While MS Office 365 has its ways of protecting and storing your documents and files, it has its limitations and offers backup and protection from data after the loss. What you have lost previously may have minimal chances of recovery.

Why put all your privacy settings and efforts in one place when you can always find a different backup? What you need is to look for a 3rd party backup tool that will ensure you have somewhere to access and recover your Office 365 files in the event incidents or threats happen on your Microsoft 365 account.

The Promise of a 3rd Party Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup Service

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Data losses will only compromise your business policies and strategies. With such importance and value on your document files, you need to have an Office 365 backup to make sure your data is safe and protected when your Office 365 system is down.

Microsoft may implement excellent sharing and exchange policies with reliable collaboration and communication tools, but not everything is within their hands. When data recovery is on the table, you are more responsible for it.

The ideal way to effectively backup your data is to follow the 3-2-1 rule. It means that you need to have three copies stored in two different platforms or media with one that is offsite. If one of your backup fortresses is down, you still have the other location standing and ready to provide you the files you need.

Third-party Microsoft Office 365 backup application ensures that your data is always safe and accessible. An Office 365 backup has an easy-to-use interface that makes data recovery simple and fast. It integrates all the tools you need, including a full audit log of your data and the guarantee that nothing gets missed. You can always restore all your data at any time.

Now, you have more control over your business data if you have an Office 365 backup ready and working behind the scenes. Why compromise and put your business at risk when you can always take charge and have full control over it? Just make sure to find a reliable Office backup solution that will best suit your needs.



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