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How to Download and Use Netflix on Apple TV



Ever wonder how to use Netflix on your Apple TV? If you love to binge watch shows you see on Netflix, the good news is that you can watch them easily on your Apple TV.

All you have to do is to download the Netflix app on your Apple TV and you can start watching. Two of the biggest names in the tech industry makes it possible for you to watch some of the hottest shows and movies on stream. Now, you cannot miss anything on the large screen.

How to Download Netflix on your Apple TV from the App Store

App Store Apple TV
  • Go to the App Store from your Apple TV.
  • Next, navigate to Now Streaming and search for Netflix. Another way is to go to the search box and type Netflix.
  • Select the Netflix app.
  • Click the Download button and wait for the process to finish.
  • Once done, click Open.

How to Set Up and Watch Netflix on Apple TV

In order to set up and start watching Netflix on your Apple TV, you will need first to have a Netflix account.

Sign up Netflix
  • First, go to the Netflix official website.
  • Click sign up. You will see different plans available for you to choose from.
  • Select the plan that you want.
  • Next, enter your email address and password to create your account.
  • Enter your payment mode.
  • After you have signed up a Netflix account, go back to your Apple TV.
  • Sign in your Netflix account by entering your email address and password.
  • You are now connected to Netflix on your Apple TV

Using AirPlay


Another way to stream Netflix on your Apple TV is to use AirPlay. It a feature on your Apple device that enables you to stream media content to your Apple TV. Just tap on the AirPlay icon on your device and you can wirelessly stream your Netflix shows on your Apple TV.

Unfortunately, streaming Netflix is only available to 2nd gen Apple TV and up. Apple TV 1 cannot stream any shows on Netflix. In some TV models, Netflix also also pre-installed so you skip the download and directly sign in.

Have you tried watching Netflix on your Apple TV? How was it like? We would love to know what you think so tell us in the comments below.


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