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How to Set and Use Parental Controls on Disney Plus



There are a lot of popular movies and shows that you can stream on Disney Plus. You can watch kid-friendly titles like Pixar Popcorn, Gravity Falls, The Muppet Show, Phineas and Ferb, Moana, Inside Out, and more.

But, with the launch of Star on Disney+, loads of adult-themed content (not the kind you’re thinking of) are now available for streaming on the platform. Disney Plus also features titles from other brands like Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. When your kids stream their favorite TV shows and films on Disney Plus, they will have access to these contents.

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That is why Disney+ launched the Parental Controls feature for Star and the entire Disney Plus platform. It will give parents control over what their children should watch and the ability to lock their own profile with a password or PIN. The parental controls mode will allow you to set up a Kids Profile, which will let you include only shows and movies ideal for children and the entire family.

Set up and Use Parental Controls with Kids Profile on Disney Plus

It is easy to set up and use the parental controls on Disney Plus. First, you will need to create a Kids Profile for each of your children. From there, you can edit the settings that will restrict content, such as Content Ratings, Kid-proof Exit Question, and PIN.

How to Create a Kids Profile on Disney Plus

  • Navigate to your main Profile. It will serve as your controlling account.
  • Select Edit Profiles.
  • Click Add Profile.
  • Select an image.
  • Type the profile name.
  • Look for the Kids Profile section and toggle it to enable.
  • Click Save.

How to Set up Content Ratings on Disney+ Kids Profile

You can select the contents that will appear on your Kids Profile.

  • Open your main Profile.
  • Select your Kids Profile.
  • Click Content Rating.
  • Select the content rating that you want to set.

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How to Create a Kid-proof Exit Question on Disney+

  • Navigate to your Kids Profile.
  • Go to the Parental Controls menu.
  • Type your PIN.
  • Go to the Kid-proof Exit section.
  • Toggle it to Enable.
  • Enter your Exit Question. It will be the question your kids will answer before they can exit their profile.

How to Set a PIN on Disney Plus Kids Profile

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  • To create a PIN, go to your main profile.
  • Select your Kids Profile.
  • Click Profile PIN.
  • Check the box to set the PIN section live.
  • Type your four-digit PIN.

What other features would you want to see integrated into the Disney Plus parental control feature? We would love to know your answers. Write them down below.



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