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How to Use, Search & View Full Web Vault Items on Bitwarden



Using a password manager to help you organize and secure your usernames and passwords across different websites, services and apps is a standard feat in today’s tech-savvy generation. We can’t deny the usefulness of these security service providers by keeping our logins from being exposed if we just store them the usual way. One of the formidable names in this space is Bitwarden.

Password managers like Bitwarden use a vault to store the user credentials. Depending on the platform, they are either saved in a safe place of your choosing or stored directly on the company’s servers. Bitwarden uses web vaults.

It is easy to use, manage and find items on your Bitwarden web vault. You can search through the entire vault for your login information using the web or browser extension. To learn more on how to do it, see the guide below.

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How to Manage & View your Full Vault Through the Bitwarden Web Vault

Credit: Bitwarden

Here’s how to access your information:

  • To get access to your complete password vault using the Bitwarden Web Vault, just go to https://vault.bitwarden.com/.
  • Once logged in to your Bitwarden account, Click on the “My vault” tab.
  • Scroll through each item in your vault or use the search box to filter your login credentials.

How to Use the Bitwarden Browser Extension to Search & View Items on your Vault

Credit: Bitwarden

You can also use the browser extension for Bitwarden to find and see your full password vault. Please note that when using the web browser extension, you will only find the login details for the specific URL currently open on your tab. If you want to view the entire collection on your Bitwarden vault, you can try this workaround:

  • Enter an asterisk wildcard character on the search bar of your Bitwarden extension.
  • Then, enter another asterisk to show all the items in your vault.

This needs to be done since Bitwarden only starts searching through your vault once you enter a second character.

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That’s it! We hope that this guide has helped you find your old logins stored deep in your Bitwarden vault.



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