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Full List of Voice Control Commands for Sky Q TV Box Remote



If you are using Sky Q, you will have known by now that you can play your favorite shows or movies using your voice. With Voice Control Remote, it is easy to navigate around the contents of Sky Q TV Box.

But, did you know that there are also other voice commands that you can use for Sky Q? If you have access to these commands, all you have to do is say what you want Sky Q to do, and it will follow. It makes streaming more enjoyable and convenient for you.

Complete List of Commands for Sky Q Box Voice Control Remote

Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

To know the different voice-activated commands you can use for Sky Q Voice Control Remote, check out the list below. Just say any of these phrases to accomplish the task that you want to do on your Sky Q streaming player. Don’t forget to replace the app name, channel name or number, movie title and TV series title when you say the command.

Main Menu

  • “Go to Home”
  • “Go Home”
  • “Go to Main Menu”
  • “Home”
  • “Homepage”
  • “Home Screen”
  • “Main Menu”
  • “Take me to Main Menu.”

Sky Q TV Apps

  • “App name.”


  • “Movie title”
  • “Movie genre”
  • “Channel name”
  • “4-star movies”
  • “Actor name”
  • “Director name”

Change Channels

  • “Channel Up”
  • “Up Channel”
  • “Move Channel Up”
  • “Channel Down”
  • “Down Channel”
  • “Move Channel Down”
  • “Tune to (Channel name or number)”
  • “Change to (Channel name or number)”
  • “Change Channel to (Channel name or number)”
Credit: Sky

Turn On/Off Subtitles and Audio

  • “Subtitles On”
  • “Subtitles Off”
  • “Turn Subtitles On”
  • “Turn Subtitles Off”
  • “Audio Description On”
  • “Audio Description Off”
  • “Turn Audio Description On”
  • “Turn Audio Description Off”

Open Recordings

  • “Go to planner”
  • “Go to recordings”
  • “My planner”
  • “My recordings”
  • “Open my recordings”
  • “Open recordings”
  • “Open recording area”
  • “Planner”
  • “Take me to recordings”

New Series

  • “Go to new series”
  • “New series”

Help Menu

  • “Give me some help”
  • “Go to help”
  • “Help”
  • “Help me”
  • “Help with Sky Q”
  • “Open help”
  • “Please help me”
  • “Please help”
  • “Take me to help”

Exit Menu

  • “Cancel”
  • “Cancel Guide”
  • “Dismiss”
  • “Exit”
  • “Exit button”
  • “Press cancel”

Standby/Turn Off

  • “Go to sleep”
  • “Power off”
  • “Standby”
  • “Sky Q off”
  • “Skybox off”
  • “Turn STB off”

TV Guide

  • “Channel list”
  • “Go to grid”
  • “Go to TV guide”
  • “Guide”
  • “Listings”
  • “Open channel grid”
  • “Open channel list”
  • “Open guide”
  • “Open TV Guide”


  • “Go to settings”
  • “Go to settings area”
  • “Open settings”
  • “Settings”

Playback Functions

  • To Play – “Begin playing”, “Carry on playing”, “Continue watching”, “Play”, “Play now”, “Playback”, “Start playing”, or “Start watching”
  • To Pause – “Freeze”, “Pause now”, Pause the TV”, “Pause TV” or “Stop”
  • To Rewind – “Rewind”
  • To Fast Forward – “Forward” or “Fast forward”
  • To Play Next Episode – “Move”, “Next”, “Next episode”, “Next highlight”, or “Next one”
  • To Play from Beginning – “Watch from Start”
  • To Play Specific Recording – “Play “

Sky Cinema

  • “Go to Sky Cinema”
  • “Go to VoD”
  • “Open Sky Cinema”
  • “Open Video on Demand”
  • “Open VoD”
  • “Sky Cinema”
  • “Take me to Video on Demand”

Sky Store

  • “Go to Sky Store”
  • “Go to store”
  • “Open Sky Store”
  • “Open store”
  • “Sky Store”
  • “Take me to store”

These are the latest and updated commands available as of this writing. However, sometimes Sky adds new commands as they see fit. To get the most recent list, you can check the official guide from Sky Q website by clicking here.

Are you frequently using the Voice Command feature to control your Sky Q TV box? Or do you prefer using the physical remote control buttons? You can tell us in the comments section below.



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