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How to Fix You Can’t Join This Video Call Error on Google Meet App



Google Meet has made it easier than ever to schedule and set up online meetings with your business partners, friends, or families. Each video meeting can last for 60 minutes and can have a maximum of 100 participants. 

However, one of the biggest concerns of many users is the error ‘You can’t join this video call.’ The error message shows up every time they try to join a videoconferencing meeting session on their computer or mobile phone.


Other users get a variation of the message that says ‘You are not allowed to join this video call‘ or ‘Couldn’t connect you to the video call.’


How to Troubleshoot App Issue & Fix Google Meet Not Allowed to Connect or Join Video Call or Meeting Error

Thankfully, there are several things you can try to troubleshoot the issue and fix this problem when participating and joining video meetings and calls using the Google Meet app on your laptop or mobile device.

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Check If You Were Blocked

The most common and obvious reason why this error occurs is that the meeting organizer blocked your account, which could have been done intentionally or accidentally. Get in touch with the meeting organizer to ask and confirm if they blocked your account. 

Clear the Browser Cache and App Data of Google Meet 

Clearing the app cache and app data of Google Meet may also help fix the issue. This might sound basic but it helps fix most problems in Google Meet, including the error that prevents you from joining a video call. 

Enter the Correct Meeting Code

Clicking on the shared link is the safest and easiest way of joining meetings in Google Meet. However, there’s the possibility that you might commit some spelling errors when entering the code. 

You can try to just copy-paste the code instead, especially if this is on another device other than the one where you’re trying to participate or join the meeting. 

Consider Google Meet Limitations

As mentioned earlier, a maximum of 100 participants is allowed in Google Meet’s free version. Every participant must have their own Google account that they will use to sign in, whether it’s a regular Gmail account or a Workspace account.

After joining, those participants who didn’t sign in using their Google account will be directed to the waiting room. This is where they will have to “Ask” the host of the meeting to let them join in. 

The participants can only join the meeting once the host approves their request. This might be a bit annoying but this feature was added for security reasons. This prevents unwanted users from joining and ruining important meetings. The time limit for video calls for free users of Google accounts is 60 minutes. 

With these limitations in place, it means that you might see the You Can’t Join This Video Call error if the meeting already reached the maximum number of participants. To bypass the limit, the meeting host will need to upgrade to Google Enterprise or Google Business. 

Update Your Browser

You might be unable to take advantage of all features of Google Meet if you’re using an outdated version of your browser. Google Chrome is ideally used to join Google Meet calls. To check for new updates for your browser, go to Help and then click About Google Chrome. 

Switch to Another Browser 

If the problem persists even after you update your Google Chrome browser, it might be time to use a different browser. It may only be a temporary issue that affects the current version of your browser. 

Disable Browser Extensions

Try to disable all extensions in your browser and clear its cache. These extensions may interfere with the scripts of Google Meet. The browser cache might also prevent the browser from establishing a solid connection with the Google Meet servers. 

Google Meet simplified meetings and conferences for many individuals and businesses all over the world. However, issues still arise with the program now and then, specifically the error “You Can’t Join This Video Call.” Try the fixes above to get rid of the problem.



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