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How to Remove Titles from Paramount Plus Continue Watching List



Paramount Plus is the rebrand of CBS All Access, the streaming service from ViacomCBS. During its launch, CBS All Access automatically gave way for Paramount Plus platform to appear on your screens, giving you more titles and features. One of the sections in Paramount Plus is the Keep Watching List, where you can find all your unfinished movies and tv shows.

It is easier to navigate through your library, thanks to the organized sections on Paramount Plus. The Keep Watching section is similar to the Continue Watching List you see on other streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus or HBO Max. If you have not finished playing a video on your Paramount Plus app, the title will automatically be added to your Keep Watching List, so anytime you want to go back and finish it, you have easier access.

However, your Keep Watching List may be growing and becoming longer, making it more tedious to scroll through your titles. Sometimes, not all the content in the list is within your liking. You may have played a movie or TV show out of curiosity. If you want to manage, organize and clear your Keep Watching List, you can remove the films and TV series you don’t like.

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How to Delete and Clear Titles from the Keep Watching List on Paramount Plus

Credit: Paramount+

It is easy and fast to manage your Keep Watching List on Paramount Plus. However, you can only clear content and remove them from your watch list using the Paramount Plus website. You cannot delete any title when you access the Paramount Plus app on your smart TV, streaming media player or tablet and mobile phone devices.

  • Launch any browser.
  • Go to the Paramount Plus website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Look for the Keep Watching List.
  • On the upper right corner of the Keep Watching List, you will see the Edit button. Click it.
  • You will then see circles on each title on the list.
  • Search for the movie or tv shows that you want to delete.
  • When you find it, click the circle.
  • Once the checkmark appears, go to the upper right side of the list and click Remove.
  • To cancel, click the Cancel button.
Screenshot: Windows Dispatch

To delete more titles, follow the same process indicated above until you have removed and cleared all the content you don’t want to see on your Keep Watching List.

Is there any movie or TV show that you want to remove from your Paramount Plus Keep Watching list lately? We would love to know. You can drop your answer below.

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  1. Im using P+ on an Android phone as well as a Samsung smart tv & there is no circle to click other than the play button. Your suggestion does not work & im curious why you think that it would.

  2. There is no edit button, or circles, or anything else! I have tried and tried and tried going through on my laptop on my Samsung TV on my fire TV on my iPad. these instructions do not work and this is one of the most difficult streaming services I’ve ever encountered. I don’t even know where I’m supposed to get help for something like this!

  3. Thank you for advise. And mentioned in the chat has to be through a browser and not the app. I was able to remove the history on my laptop. It was not an option on my iPad or rook device.

  4. Max wrote in this article clear as day to go to Paramount Plus’ WEBSITE. I used Chrome and signed in to their website. Not the app you have been using to view their media. And there is was EDIT. I then went to another section on the APP then back to home and the ‘keep watching’ items was then refreshed and the ones I edited were gone.
    This is why I stopped working customer service. People don’t know how to listen and follow the simplest instructions.


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