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How to Download and Watch Peacock Movies or Shows Offline



Downloading content is a standard feature from streaming service providers today such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and even Quibi. It allows users to binge-watch their favorite movies and TV shows while offline or away from a stable internet connection.

Given the popularity of this feature especially for mobile users, everyone expects the same useful functionality from the new-comer, Peacock. But, does Peacock support offline downloads? Let’s find out!

Does Peacock Support Downloads to Watch Movies and Shows Offline?

NBC Peacock Streaming

Apparently, the newest streaming platform from NBCUniversal does not support the downloading of movies and TV shows for offline viewing right now. It was announced before the service was officially launched last month.

However, NBCUniversal assures its growing user-base that the download feature on mobile devices is coming very soon. It won’t be long before the streaming platform allows shows and movies to be watched offline like the others.


Will it be available to everyone by then? I think not, since Peacock offers several tiered plans including a free plan, I presume that the additional features such as the offline download will only be available on the premium subscription plans. Free users might be stuck with having to stream the content directly from Peacock as this will also allow NBCUniversal to show the ads.

Wrapping It Up

Aside from offline watching, Peacock is also devoid of the usual premium features such as 4K resolution streaming and high dynamic range Dolby Atmos sound quality. I’m sure these functionalities will be available on the platform soon.

We’re excited to see what’s coming to Peacock in the next months. Are you excited too? Do you watch your shows and movies offline? Let us know in the comments section below.


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