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How to Create and Add Polling to Zoom Meetings



Have you ever attended a Zoom meeting where you are asked to answer a poll? If you have, you may wonder how is it possible when you want to host your own Zoom meeting.

Zoom has a polling feature that allows hosts to create and add polls during their Zoom meetings. It is a good way to ask questions from your participants and gather information.

Only hosts and co-hosts can launch polls to the meetings. However, they are not allowed to answer the poll.

If you want to start creating polls now, follow the steps below on how you can do it.

How to Create Polls in Zoom Meetings

  • On the Meeting page, click on your scheduled meeting. If you do not have any meetings, you can create a new meeting.
  • Scroll at the bottom and look for the Poll option.
  • Next, you will see the message, You have not created any poll yet. Click the Add button on the right side.
  • First, type the title of your poll.
  • Next, type your first question. You can set it as a single choice or a multiple-choice question. You can also make the poll anonymous by checking the box available. This will conceal the information of the participants of the poll.
  • Now, type the answer to your question.
  • Click Save.
  • If you have another question, click Add a Question. Do the same process above.

Add and Launch Polls to your Zoom Meetings

  • If you want to add the poll you created to your meeting, start your scheduled meeting.
  • On the meeting controls, look for Polls and click to open.
  • Choose the polls you want to add.
  • Click Launch Poll.
  • All participants will be notified of the live poll. The host can view the results live.
  • If you want to stop the poll, click End Poll.
  • You will then receive the overall results of the poll. You have the option to share the results with your participants by clicking Share Results.

Take note that you create several polls in your Zoom account and just add them to any of your meetings. It is a fun way to gather organized information from your participants while not disturbing the on-going meeting?

What do you think of Zoom’s Poll feature? We would love to know your thoughts so tell us in the comments below.


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