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How to Factory Reset or Restore to Default Settings Steam Deck Device



Released on the 25th of February 2022, Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device developed by Valve Corporation for your Steam games. Despite being a newcomer in the mobile console market, it’s enjoying a quick rise to fame, specifically among Nintendo Switch users

This popularity is probably all thanks to the outstanding features that the handheld device for gamers has to offer. Throw in the fact that you can connect it to a monitor, has an outstanding performance, and a good enough battery life, and you’ll understand right away why the Steam Deck device is getting more and more popular by the day.

Why Perform a Hard or Factory Reset on Steam Deck Console?

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But here’s the catch: just like most devices out there, Steam Deck isn’t perfect. It also has its own set of problems which doesn’t come as a big surprise if you consider how long it has been in the market. 

Many users in particular have noticed the tendency of the device to break or malfunction during tinkering or emulation. 

The good news is that if you have ever faced some issues while using your Steam Deck mobile gaming console, you can perform a factory reset to get it to work like new once again. When you factory reset your Steam Deck handheld device, you can expect to solve most of the common issues. 

Following the steps on how to perform a factory reset should be the first thing to do before you consider reaching out to Valve and requesting a replacement for your handheld. 

Now, you don’t need to worry because there are only a few simple steps involved on how to factory reset your Steam Deck device. 

A gentle reminder before you proceed, though A factory reset will erase all the data on the main hard drive. But rest assured that the data on your SD card will stay safe and intact.

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Recovery Instructions on How to Factory Reset or Restore Steam Deck Device to Default Settings

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In general, it only takes five minutes to complete the steps required for performing a factory reset of your Steam Deck gaming device. 

1. Switch On Your Device and Login

Of course, you can’t factory reset your device if you don’t power it on. Start by turning on your handheld device. See to it that you also have access to the Steam OS so that you can proceed with resetting it to its original factory settings. 

2. Back Up Important Files and Data

If you wish to keep some pertinent data and files, you also have the option of backing them up to a USB drive or SD card. These data may include game installs. You can also have your data backed up on a flash drive if you prefer to do so. 

3. Go to the Settings Menu

The third step is to press the Steam button. Launch the settings from the pop-up menu that shows up on the screen. 

4. Proceed to System Settings

Continue scrolling down one position and on the menu on the left, make sure you highlight the option labeled System. 

5. Choose the Factory Reset Option 

Scroll down and choose the option Factory Reset. This can often be found below the Advanced label in the System Settings. 

6. Start the Factory Reset Process

Press A, the confirm button, read the prompt and then verify again that you wish to proceed with a factory reset. The Steam Deck device’s system will reboot and restore the system to its default factory settings.

Let us know what you think of this guide in the comments section down below.

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