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Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1016 on Samsung or LG Smart TV



Many users of Samsung and LG Smart TV encounter the Disney Plus error code 1016. You may be seeing the error as from the Disney+ app. However, the error code is not seen in Disney Plus, so it might be on your Smart TV.

Samsung released its Smart Hub update and users have complained about the error 1016. Users receive this message, “We’re having a problem. Exiting the App… Error Code: 1016 – App_Config_Failure.” It created an incompatibility issue between the app and your Smart TV.

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On LG smart TVs, sometimes the error message changes to “Error Code 1028: DICTIONARY_SERVICE_INIT_FAILURE” after performing several troubleshooting methods.

In addition, if you are using the Orsay OS or the built-in Web browser, the Disney Plus app is not compatible with these platforms. You will need to use the Tizen OS or models from 2016 up.

If you are facing the Disney Plus error code 1016, there is a way for you to fix the problem.

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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 1016 on Samsung and LG Smart TV

Cold Boot or Soft Reset Your Samsung or LG Smart TV

According to Samsung, cold booting your TV helps resolve the error. You can do the process in two ways and this also applies if you are using an LG Smart TV. Cold booting or we call it soft reset for devices other than Samsung, will delete the cache on your Smart TV.

Via Your Remote

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If you prefer to cold boot using your remote, hold the power button on your Samsung or LG TV remote until your TV turns off and back on. You can now launch your Disney Plus app.

Via the Plug

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This process works if you do not have a TV remote. First, unplug your Samsung or LG Smart TV. Wait for at least 30 seconds. Plug your TV back in and turn it on. Now check if the error is still there.

Power Cycle Your Device


If you are cold booting through your plug, it is ideal if you power cycle your other devices such as your modem and router. It will refresh your Internet connection, which can help in fixing the error. When you power cycle your device, wait for it to fully connect before you try to launch your Disney+ app and check for errors.

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