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How to Fix emp.dll Not Found Error on Hogwarts Legacy Game System Error



Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action role-playing game set in the world of J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series.

This project is the outcome of the collaboration between Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Portkey Games, the developers of the video games Hogwarts Mystery and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and the Avalanche Software studio that is popular for working on Cars 3: High Speed and Disney Infinity 3.0.

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Hogwarts Legacy brings players to the 19th century. The players of the game take on the character of a young wizardry and magic apprentice with an influence over ancient magic.

Your skills will put you right amid the havoc that ensued when wizards and goblins formed a surprising alliance to get rid of the witches and wizards. The future of the wizarding world depends on whether you can neutralize the menace or not.

Thanks to the thrill and excitement of the game, it’s no surprise more and more players are trying their luck with Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Solutions to Resolve Hogwarts Legacy Game System Error emp.dll Not Found Issue

But just like most games, errors do occur on Hogwarts Legacy now and then, one of which has something to do with emp.dll not being found. It shows the error message,

“HogwartsLegacy.exe – System Error. The code execution cannot proceed because EMP.dll not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.”

If you’ve been dealing with this Hogwarts Legacy issue, check out the following ways how to fix it:

Use Steam Launcher to Customize Hogwarts Legacy

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

You may be able to retrieve a missing or corrupted emp.dll of the Hogwarts Legacy game if you work using the repair utility of Steam.

  • To check if the files of the game are still intact, you just need to right-click this in your library.
  • Proceed to Properties, choose Local Files, and select Check Integrity of Game Files. 

Install Visual C++ Redistributables

Just like most apps, you need Microsoft Visual C++ for the Hogwarts Legacy game to run on your Windows PC. Make sure that you install the latest version of Visual C++ redistributables on the system if you ever encounter Msvcp 140.Dll or VC Runtime 140.Dll errors every time you play Hogwarts Legacy.

Reinstall the Hogwarts Legacy Game  

If the error persists even after you tried to repair the game, you can always return the emp.dll file’s copy by installing the game again. But before you proceed to uninstall Hogwarts Legacy, don’t forget to back up all your saved files.

Repair the Hogwarts Legacy Game Error with Epic Games Launcher

Screenshot credit: Windows Dispatch

If your Hogwarts Legacy game’s version was bought from the Epic Games Store, you’re lucky that the launcher also has its way of repairing the game and restoring the emp.dll file.

  • Just click the three dots beside the game.
  • Choose Manage and click Verify. 

Run DISM and SFC Scans

MSVCP or Vulcan Runtime140.dll errors on your Hogwarts Legacy game may also occur because of missing or damaged system files. You can use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management scan to fix corrupt images on Windows that may be the cause of the issues. 

The emp.dll not found error on the Hogwarts Legacy game can easily take the fun and enjoyment out of the whole experience.

Good thing that the simple steps above may help fix the issue so you can return to your game without any issues.



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