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How to Fix Sling TV Error Code 8-4612 and 5-419



If you want to switch from your regular cable subscription to Internet TV, Sling TV is a common option. This live TV streaming service enables you to watch TV online with more channel options and customised lineup.

However, many users still report problems when using their Sling TV app. These errors are Sling TV error 8-4612 and error 5-419. In some cases, no channels are loading in the app.

Other users are unable to connect over their WiFi connection.

There may be several reasons why you experience the errors 8-4612 and 5-419. You may have a poor Internet connection thus preventing you from gaining access to the live stream. There is a problem with the network itself so all you have to do is wait.

If you are facing these issues, there are several solutions to help you fix the problem. Follow the steps below.

Solution #1 – Restart your Sling TV App

A quick restart can help refresh your app and Internet connection. On your device, hold the power button until it completely shuts down. Wait for a few seconds. Then, launch your app again.

Solution #2 – Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet Speed

You may have a poor Internet connection. First, do a speed test to check how fast your connection is. Using a different device, open a browser, and search for a website to see if it connects to your Internet. If it does, the problem is not with your network connection.

Solution #3 – Restart Your Router

  • Unplug your modem and router from the power source and from your device.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Plug the modem first to your device and to the power source and turn it on. Wait until it fully starts.
  • Plug the router to your device and to the power source and turn it on. Wait until it fully starts.
  • Launch your Sling TV app and check if the error still exists.

Solution #4 – Try to Reload the Channels

If channels on your Sling TV are not loading, you can simply reload them. This works well in solving Error 5-419. On your Sling TV app, look for the channel that is not loading. Remove the channel first. You can do so by going to My Channels. Then, click the Edit button. This will allow you to add and remove your channels.

After you remove the channel, restart your router. Wait for a few seconds then launch your Sling App. Reload the channels. You can add the channel back to see if it loads.

Solution #5 – Force Stop the Sling TV App

Force Stop Sling TV
  • You can force stop your Sling TV on your desktop. Open the Task Manager.
  • Under Processes, look for Sling TV.
  • Click End Task.
  • After a few seconds, relaunch the app.

If the above solutions do not work, contact Sling TV’s dedicated Technical support. It may be that the problem is with Sling itself and not on your end. How do you like watching on Sling TV? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.




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