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How to Fix Support Code ss02, ss03 or ss10 Error on Snapchat



Social media network Snapchat features unique lenses and filters that let you come up with amazing and entertaining videos. You even get the chance to reach out to your audience if you like.

However, despite being in the industry for some time now, the platform still encounters some glitches and errors now and then. In particular, users have reported seeing Snapchat support code ss02, ss03, or ss10.

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Troubleshoot Snapchat Support Code ss02, ss03 or ss10

If you ever encounter any of these issues on Snapchat, it’s important to learn how to fix them so you can go back to enjoying the perks of Snapchat in no time.

Check Snapchat Server Status

When Snapchat servers are down, there’s no way for you to log into the platform no matter what you do. You might want to check if the Snapchat servers are up and running before you go into panic mode once you see any of these error codes.

However, if you’ve confirmed that there’s nothing wrong on Snapchat’s end, you might want to try the rest of the steps below.

Check Your Network Connection

Disconnecting and reconnecting to your network may also help get rid of Snapchat support codes ss02, ss03, or ss10.

You can also turn off your mobile data if you’re using it on your device and turn it back on again to check if it fixes the issue. You can also try switching to a different WiFi network.

Disable VPN Service

While your VPN has its share of benefits, there are times when it can interfere with your experience when using apps such as Snapchat. Try disabling your VPN and launching Snapchat again to see if the code is gone.

Reboot Your Device

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Your device might also be the reason why you’re getting Snapchat support codes ss02, ss03, or ss10. Give your device a restart first before opening and logging into your Snapchat account.

Restart Snapchat App

Most of the time, a simple and quick restart of the app is all it takes to get rid of the many errors it might be facing. Such error codes might be due to temporary glitches in the app and a restart might help eliminate them.

Clear Snapchat App Cache

Once the cache files of your Snapchat get corrupted, error codes may pop up here and there. Clearing the app cache may help fix the issue.

You can clear the Snapchat cache from the Settings app and then try logging back in again. 

Update Snapchat App

Getting the latest version of your Snapchat app might also fix the problem. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to see if there are available updates and install them right away.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Snapchat App

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Sometimes, starting from the ground up is all it takes to eliminate all pesky errors in an app, and Snapchat is no exception.

If you constantly see the support codes every time you try to access the app, uninstalling and reinstalling it might do the trick. Once you’ve finished reinstalling the app, launch it again and check if the code is gone.

Snapchat support codes ss02, ss03, or ss10 can interfere with your experience of using the app. Take note of the tips above and see if any of them solves the issue for you.



  1. I tried everything but it still says error code SS03 , if anyone knows the email of Snapchat , please be kind and reply it here 🙂


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