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How to Fix ‘Your Console Needs to be Reset’ Issue on PS5 Gaming Console



‘Your Console Needs to be Reset’ is the last error message you’d want to see if you’re in the process of setting up your new-generation console.

After all the days or weeks you’ve spent on the task depending on your internet speed and the number of downloaded games, being prompted to reset everything from scratch may seem like you’ve just wasted your time and effort.

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Sadly, it seems that this issue on PS5 is very common and many users have reported encountering it at one point or another. The error may even show up without any warning, reportedly popping up and forcing the deletion of all data on your PS5 console, such as the games you installed, your videos, and all your screenshots.

Solutions to Resolve PS5 Console Error ‘Your Console Needs to be Reset’

To fix the error message ‘Your Console Needs to be Reset,’ users simply need to choose OK to begin the process of a factory reset. Once the process is completed, your PS5 console will work once again.

Just to clarify the complete error message says “Something went wrong. Your console needs to be reset to factory defaults to continue. Select [OK] to reset your console.”

As of writing, it is not clear what went wrong with your device. Some users even stated that they just tried turning on their console when the message showed up.

However, it’s important to take note that if you’re an avid gamer who has more than 100 games installed on your device, there is always the possibility that your device has already reached its limit and you just pushed it over the edge further. It’s also likely that you often use the system to the extremes, thus leading to this hiccup in the system.

For now, users can only hope for an explanation as to why the error occurred so that the rest of the gamers won’t have to go through the hassle of installing their games again or losing their precious videos, screenshots, and other important saved data.

How to Reset Your PS5 Console

Photo credit: Reet Talreja/Unsplash

If worse comes to worst and you have no other option but to reset your PS5 console, it might often be best to do so. Most of the time, error codes of this kind show up due to system glitches and the best way to fix them is to reset the system.

However, remember that there’s a catch here. A reset will erase your console’s data and a fresh copy of your system software will be installed instead.

This is why it’s important that you first back up all your important data on the PS cloud or an external drive before you proceed with this method.

Follow these steps for resetting your PS5 console:

  1. Switch off your PS5 console.
  2. Press on the power button, holding it down until two beep sounds are heard. This will boot the device into Safe Mode.
  3. Use a USB to connect your console to the controller.
  4. Pair the console with the controller by pressing its PS button.
  5. Choose Reset PS5 or Reinstall System Software.
  6. Complete the process by following the instructions on the screen.
  7. Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions after finishing to restore the data from the drive.

Seeing the error ‘Your Console Needs to be Reset’ on your PS5 console can easily put you in panic mode. But sometimes, a reset may be necessary to solve the problem once and for all.



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