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How to View Google Sheets or Google Docs Anonymously



Sharing files online is easier thanks to Google Sheets and Google Docs. When you want to share an excel file to your team or a document to all your contacts, you can click the share file button and it will send a link to your designated contacts.

Viewing a document or a sheet is also more convenient than downloading the file. But, what if you want to remain anonymous when viewing Google Sheets or Google Docs? What if you don’t want others to see your name appearing on the file?

Google respects its users’ privacy and it allows users to maintain their anonymity when viewing online files. By following the method below, you don’t have to worry about other people seeing your real name on the sheets or docs.

Viewing Google Sheets or Google Docs Anonymously

Method #1 – Use Incognito/InPrivate Mode

Incognito Window Google Chrome

Your browser has an Incognito Mode or InPrivate browsing mode that lets you do whatever you want without a trace of your activity once you closed the Incognito browser. While Incognito is not widely used since it does not store any password or cookies, it is useful for situations that require anonymity.

  • Open any browser.
  • Go to File and select New Incognito Mode or New Private Window.
  • Now, you can copy and paste the link of your Google Sheet or Google Docs on the address bar and open it without your identity appearing.

Method #2 – Sign Out of Your Google Account

Image / Windows Dispatch

Another way is to sign out of your Google Account first before viewing the file. When you sign out, Google will not identify who is viewing the sheet or document, hence making you anonymous.

What are Anonymous Animals in Google Drive?

When you prefer to stay anonymous, Google will convert your identity into an anonymous animal. These are cute animal icons that will appear on the spreadsheet or document file when someone unknown is viewing it.

Image / Windows Dispatch

Google will make the anonymous animals appear when files are shared with “Anyone with link”. This will also help protect the identity of its users, especially from those who are prying on email addresses.

Is staying anonymous on Google Sheets or Google Docs a big deal for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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