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How to Live Stream Stadia Games Directly to YouTube Channel



Great news to Google Stadia players. Now, you can directly livestream the Stadia games you are playing to your YouTube channel. Google indeed plans to integrate YouTube and Stadia for players and creators to have more access to games and enjoy added features. But, it took a long while for the tech giant to roll out the collaboration and kept its users afloat with the coming soon banner.

Recently, many users noticed that the coming-soon announcement is no longer available. Google is giving its users the chance to live stream their games on YouTube.


Stadia is a cloud gaming service by Google. It features video games that users can stream up to 4k resolution at 60 frames per second. With the ability to live stream on YouTube, players can show their gameplay to other viewers and their subscribers. It also gives game creators an advantage over advertisements.

Streaming Games from Google Stadia to YouTube Directly

Credit: 9to5google.com

Crowd Choice

Gamers can enjoy additional features when streaming from Google Stadia to YouTube. First is the Crowd Choice. You can create polls for your viewers. Set poll questions that will allow interaction from your viewers. These questions and the results will be on the chatbox beside the live stream.

Crowd Play

Another feature is the Crowd Play. Creators can live stream their games while also inviting other viewers to play with them. There is a multiplayer lobby that viewers can wait for their turn to play with the creator. The Crowd Play button will be below the chatbox.

You also have four options when capturing the audio. There is the YouTube & Game Chat, YouTube only, Party Chat Only, and No One. You can set the audio how you want it during the live streaming.

How to Start Livestreaming your Games from Stadia to Youtube

Credit: 9to5google.com

It is easy to start streaming Google Stadia on YouTube.

  1. Go to Google Stadia’s friends option.
  2. Look under the Livestream option.
  3. Tap the Stream Directly to the YouTube button.
  4. Type a title for the streaming video.
  5. Edit and confirm the privacy option. You may also edit the settings.
Credit: Google

The live streaming capability of Stadia to YouTube is just in time for the release of the upcoming game called Cyberpunk 2077.

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