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How to Add & Share Songs with Spotify Kids’ Shared Playlists



There are millions of songs you can find and stream on Spotify. But, having children listen to most of these tunes can put their minds at risk. Some music has explicit lyrics that are not recommended for your child to listen to.

That is why Spotify offers the Spotify Kids app for children to have their playlist containing only safe and wholesome music. Spotify Kids app gives parents control over what their children are listening to. They can check their history and even block inappropriate music.

Not all titles are available on Spotify Kids app, but there are also good songs that parents want to share with their kids. Now, Spotify allows parents to share their favorite grooves through the new Shared Playlists streaming feature. The Shared Playlists gives parents the chance to share their chosen playlists into the kids app.

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How to Use the Shared Playlists Feature on Spotify Kids App

When you use the Shared Playlists on the Spotify Kids app, you must make sure that the songs are appropriate for your kids. Your playlist comes from the main Spotify app hence, it may contain explicit lyrics. Before you use the feature and share the grown up songs, it is best to review the songs in it first. Remove those tunes that are not ideal for your child.

Spotify also marks explicit songs with the letter E. That way you can identify and delete the tunes before you start sharing. If you want to share your playlist with your kids, check out the steps below.

  • Open the Spotify Kids app.
  • Tap the Avatar found at the upper left corner.
  • Choose Grown ups.
  • Type your PIN.
  • Now, navigate to the Shared Playlists.
  • Choose the playlist you want to share with your kids.
  • If it is your first time to share a playlist, a confirmation screen will appear.
  • Tap Share.

Any update you make on your shared playlist will also create the changes in the Spotify Kids music streaming app. That way, you can edit the songs directly on the main Spotify app.

How do you like the new Shared Playlists feature on Spotify Kids app? Let us know in the comments below.



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