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How to Print Double-sided Documents in Microsoft Word



Microsoft Word has made it easier for us to create documents and print them immediately. Whether working on a personal document or a work file, now, you can print both sides of the paper. This process is called duplex printing.

Many printers these days have an automatic duplex printing option. You can set the printer to duplex printing and it will automatically print on both sides of the paper.

Benefits of Duplex Printing

  • It reduces the amount of time you need to print your documents. This is ideal for bulk printing. It will cut the printing time in half if you set the automatic duplex printing.
  • It saves paper. Instead of printing on one side of the paper, you can utilize the other side and reduce the number of papers you need for printing.
  • It conserves energy. If you have to cut your printing time in half, you are also reducing the energy consumption in printing your paper by 50 percent.
  • Printed papers take less space. It will not take up a lot of space in your folder or file cabinet.

How to Print Two-sided Documents in Microsoft Word

Before you start printing on both sides of the paper, you have to make sure that your printer is set to do so. Not all printers can automatically perform duplex printing.

  • On your Microsoft Word document, click File.
  • Select Print.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for Print One Sided and click the drop arrow. If you see the option Print on Both Sides, your printer can perform duplex printing.

Another way to check if your printer has duplex printing is to go over its user manual and check if it has duplex printing, two-sided printing, or double-sided printing.

If your printer can print double-sided documents, you can set your printer to Print on Both Sides before printing your document.

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My Printer Does Not Have Duplex Printing


If your printer cannot print on both sides, you can manually print your document on both sides.

  • On your Microsoft Word document, go to File.
  • Select Print and go to Settings.
  • Look for Print One Sides and on the drop-down menu, click Manually Print on Both Sides.
  • Before you start printing, go to Print and click Printer Properties.
  • Look for the Print on Both Sides option and click the down arrow.
  • Select the Yes, flip over option.

Now, each time you print your paper, you will be prompted to turn over your paper on the feed to start printing on the other side. Take note that when you turn your paper over, make sure to face it in the right direction, so all the texts are aligned. You can always check your printer for a guide on how to set it properly. Learn more about the latest printers and other home office devices at Thebestronics.

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