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How to Change Incorrect Birthday on TikTok & Fix Age-Protected Post Problem



Many people use TikTok for fun or entertainment purposes, but it can also present challenges when incorrect information is entered during registration, especially concerning birthdays and age verification requirements. 

This article will discuss how to change an incorrect birthday on TikTok and address any age check or verification issues that arise as a result.

How to Add or Change your Incorrect Birthday Date on Tiktok Account & Fix Age-Protected Post Issue

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  1. Users must open their account settings page which is accessible via their profile icon at the bottom right corner of the app. 
  2. From here, they should click ‘Edit Profile’ and then select ‘Birthday.’ 
  3. Here, they will be able to type in or select the correct birthdate before saving this information by tapping ‘Save.’
  4. Once the user has successfully changed their birthday, they may need to wait up to 24 hours for any changes made to become visible within the platform.

Upon changing one’s birthday an email from TikTok will send requesting confirmation of the new details entered. This needs to be completed before further progress.

If you are still experiencing age check problems, you may need to provide additional verification to TikTok. You can contact the TikTok support team to request verification of your age.

You can provide a government-issued ID such as a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card.

What Happens If Your Birthday Is Incorrectly Entered on TikTok?

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Users with fake birthdate may not be able to take advantage of certain services or activities on TikTok social media platform due to their age restriction settings. 

Age-restricted options such as creating live videos, gifs or accessing specific content will require a valid date of birth for verification purposes. 

Without providing this information accurately it could lead to problems later on such as not being able to gain access even after verifying one’s identity via other means – leading to frustration and disappointment from the user.

What TikTok Age Restrictions Are In Place?

TikTok allows users aged 13 or above to use their services; however, they strongly recommend 15+. This restriction may vary depending on local laws and regulations in different countries. 

Generally speaking, though, any content posted should follow community guidelines aimed at maintaining security standards across the platform: no sexual explicitness/nudity, hate speech/bullying behavior, violence/graphic images, spamming/scams or unauthorized commercial activity will be tolerated. Additionally, anyone under 18 must state their exact birthdate when creating an account so that appropriate age-restricted content can be blocked where applicable.

To sum up, following the right set of rules and abiding by certain regulations can help create a safe environment for everyone using TikTok – regardless of what country they live in or how old they are. 

Age restrictions provide an extra layer of protection against potential risks related to online activities such as cyberbullying or frauds while ensuring users’ privacy rights are respected according to international law requirements.

Understanding and complying with the rules set forth by TikTok regarding its various safety protocols is integral for both users and content creators alike – accuracy can go a long way towards maintaining everyone’s peace of mind while using the app.



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