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How to Delete Siri Voice Recordings from Apple Servers



Apple users enjoy the privilege of having a personal assistant to help them interact with their devices. Siri has been around for several years and has evolved more intelligently and way better than before. Thanks to the continuous quality improvements of Apple, Siri is also keeping up with the advancements in all devices.

Last year, Apple admitted that they have been using the user’s interactions with Siri as a quality control process. The giant tech company assigns human contractors to store and listen to Siri voice recordings to help them design measures that will improve Siri’s interactions with its users.

While it may seem like a typical quality control measure, not all users are pleased with the unauthorized privacy intrusion. Their conversations with Siri are private and must not be accessed by anyone without their permission.

Now, Apple is adding a feature that will give its users the permission control over their audio recordings. Apple users have the option to give or not to give their consent for Apple to access and use their recordings for quality control purposes.

Here is how you can gain control of your privacy again if you are using Siri.

How to Delete your Siri Voice Recordings from Apple Devices

Deleting Siri voice recordings work on all Apple devices. But, you have to delete the recording in all of your Apple devices and not just on a single device.

Delete Siri Recordings on MacOS

Turn Off Enable Ask Siri MacOS
Image / Windows Dispatch
  • From the home screen, click the Apple logo found at the upper left corner.
  • Choose System Preference.
  • Select Siri.
  • Look for the Enable Ask Siri option and uncheck the box.
  • Go back to System Preference.
  • Click Keyboard.
  • Select Dictation and toggle to Off to disable dictation.

Delete Siri Recordings on iPhone or iPad

Turn Off Siri on iPhone
Image / Digitaltrends
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Siri & Search.
  • Look for Listen for Hey Siri and toggle it to Disable.
  • Look for Press Side/Home for Siri and toggle it to Disable.
  • Click Turn Off Siri.
  • Go back to the main Settings window.
  • Select General.
  • Click Keyboard.
  • Under Enable Dictation, toggle it to off and click Turn Off Dictation.

Delete Siri History

Voice recordings that have been stored for six months or less can also be deleted.

Delete Siri & Dictation History
Image / Osxdaily
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Siri & Search
  • Tap Siri History
  • Click Delete Siri & Dictation History

Now, you have full control over your private conversations with Siri. Do you want to delete your Siri voice recordings? Tell us in the comments below.


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