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What’s the Difference Between Disney Plus and DisneyLife or DisneyNow



Streaming services offer millions of users access to thousands of movies and TV shows. With the entry of Disney Plus into the competition, who knows what more can the industry do. Fans of Disney are looking forward to new shows and movies alongside with classic Disney films that are always loved and watched.

However, as Disney launched Disney+, what will happen to their existing DisneyLife service?

Disney introduced DisneyLife in 2015 as its initial entry into streaming service business. It was available to several countries in the U.K., Ireland, and in some countries in Asia. With the overlapping of both streaming service coming from one mother source, a lot of subscribers cannot help wonder what they will do when Disney+ is already here.

Rebranding of DisneyLife


According to Disney, Disney Plus will offer the same movies and shows in DisneyLife. They will retain the classic movies however, with the exception still of some well-known movies and shows like Beauty and the Beast, The Simpsons, and Pixar’s Coco.

Disney confirmed that DisneyLife is now rebranded as Disney+. Still for users of DisneyLife in other countries, they can still use and enjoy their existing streaming service as Disney+ will be in transition to more countries outside of the US. Disney promises to update their DisneyLife users once Disney Plus becomes locally available, which is said to happen within the Q1 of this 2020.

Once available in your country, Disney+ will be available in different price plans. In the US, Disney+ costs $7 per month or $70 for a full year.

What About DisneyNow?


In comes another Disney streaming service that many families have welcomed into their homes for the past years. DisneyNow is a TV app that includes popular series, movies, live TV and movies of Disney Channel in one platform.

While DisneyPlus is more focused on variety of movies and shows both for adults and kids, DisneyNow offers kid-friendly shows targeting children 2 to 14 years old. You can find similar series and shows from TV channels like Disney Juniors, Disney Channel, and Disney XD.

DisneyNow is not designed to become a mainstream streaming service like Disney+. To enjoy the app, you will need a cable login and subscription. DisneyNow are more likely for cable subscribers while Disney+ are for those who let go of their subscription for online streaming services similar to Netflix and Hulu. With that in mind, DisneyNow is more likely to stay for a while and coexists with Disney+.


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  1. Not paying for cable tv and not happy that disneynow has programs that I can’t access from disney+ ….thinking seriously of dumping disney as a result ….I know they won’t miss me but I wouldn’t miss them either


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