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How to Fix HBO MAX Not in Service Area Error Message



The announcement by WarnerMedia to launch a new streaming service adds anticipation and excitement to a lot of people. HBO Max is another streaming service with a wide collection of movies and shows, not to mention its Max Originals and all of what HBO is offering. The wide range of content made it more appealing to many users.

But, since its release last May, many users are frustrated. A “Not in Service Area” error message is blocking their way from accessing the streaming service.

What Causes “Not In Services Area” Error to Appear on HBO Max?

If you have encountered this error message and no matter how many times you refresh your page, you end up seeing the same thing, there are two reasons for it.

First, HBO Max is not available in your area. As of now, HBO Max is only available in the US. Just like most streaming services, the first release does not guarantee success so nobody wants to risk a global entry. WarnerMedia wants to try the platform in the US and start gradually expand to other countries.

Second, your device may not be supporting HBO Max. Even if you are in the US, if you are using Amazon Fire TV or Roku, you may not have access to HBO Max. Right now, all Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices do not support HBO Max.

So, how do you fix the Not in Service Area error message if you qualify for both reasons above? Here’s how you can watch HBO Max.

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Fixing HBO MAX Not in Service Area Error Message

Use a VPN

There are different VPN servers that you can use to watch HBO Max. But, keep in mind to use a VPN with US servers.

Some of the top VPN Service providers you can try today:

Install the VPN app of your choice. Once done, connect to any US server and open HBO Max. Now, you can create an account and sign in to watch Max Originals and more.

What do you think of HBO Max? Let us know in the comments below.


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