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How to Soft or Hard Factory Reset your VIZIO Smart TV



TV watching has taken up a notch and includes added features that make home entertainment more varied. Rather than watching limited channels on cable, Smart TVs offer a variety of applications that will give you more entertainment when you want it. Aside from having more channels, Smart TVs allow users to stream services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Peacock. You can also browse the Internet, play games, and even access content stored from other devices.

But, similar to any other device, Smart TVs have their limitations and bugs. You cannot avoid technical issues. Some issues need you to perform a factory reset. If you are planning to soft or hard factory reset your VIZIO Smart TV, check out the steps below on how to do it.

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Before you start resetting your Smart TV, keep in mind that it will delete the settings or data you have previously done after the reset. It will go back to its default settings.

How to Soft Reset your VIZIO Smart TV Device

The first thing to do when you want to reset your VIZIO Smart TV is to perform a soft reset. It is an easy procedure and most of the time, it can fix the common issues.

  • To soft reset your Smart TV, turn off your device.
  • Remove the plug.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Turn your Smart TV back on again.

Doing this process will help delete temporary files that may be causing the errors in your Smart TV.

How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset your VIZIO Smart TV to Restore Default Factory Settings

How to Hard Factory Reset your VIZIO Smart TV
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Now, if a soft reset does not do its trick, you can perform a hard factory reset. Doing a hard reset or a factory reset will not only delete the temporary files and clear your device’s memory, but will also reset the firmware of your TV. That means that your TV settings will be restored and go back to its default factory settings and device configuration.

  • Unplug your router from the main power source.
  • On your VIZIO Smart TV remote, press the menu button.
  • Go to System and choose Reset & Admin.
  • Now, select Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  • You will be asked for the parental lock code. The default code is 0000.
  • Click Reset and OK.
  • Your Smart TV will turn off and start the reset process.
  • Wait for it to finish. Once done, it will open the setup screen.
  • Now, you can plug your router back in and do the setup process.
  • Reconnect your Smart TV to your Internet connection.

That’s it! A soft reset is different from a hard reset which is a factory reset, so perform the soft process first and check if the issues are resolved.

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  1. I did a factory reset last night and can’t get the tv to work now. It keeps jumping back to the screen that asks how I want to set up my display


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