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How to Fix Amazon Prime Video App Error Code 6, 60, 28 or 35



Video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime Video are the latest craze in the world right now. With people’s hectic schedules, it has almost become impossible to catch your favorite TV shows and anticipated movies the moment they are released. 

Thanks to these services, you can enjoy watching any series or film on your list any time you want and anywhere you are, giving you complete freedom over your viewing experience. But what if an error code appears and disturbs you out of nowhere? The good news is that most of these error messages can be fixed easily on your own without anyone’s help.

How to Troubleshoot Streaming Issues and Fix Amazon Prime Video App Error Code 6, 60, 28 or 35

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Error codes 6, 28, 35, and 60 are some of the most common concerns of most Amazon Prime Video users. Since these errors happen every time you try to use or access the Prime Video app, the steps to fix them are pretty much the same.

Close the App and Open It Again 

Start by closing your Prime Video app first. Disconnect the device from your WiFi or internet. Wait for several seconds before reconnecting your device again to the internet. Re-open the app and see if it fixes the error. 

Restart Both Your Internet and Device 

  1. Disconnect the device where your Prime Video app is installed to turn it off.
  2. Unplug the power cord of your router from the wall outlet to disconnect it.
  3. Wait for approximately 5 minutes. Turn on both your device and the internet again.
  4. Connect your device to the internet again and open the Prime Video app. 

Check Your WiFi Internet Connection

If you still see the error codes, it’s now time to check the speed of your internet connection. Use any of the internet speed test websites online to test your Wi-Fi Internet network connection speed. Get in touch with your internet service provider if your connection speed is slow or weak. 

Switch to Another Network or Mobile Data Connection

If there is nothing wrong with your internet connection but the error codes still show up, try switching to another internet. You can either use an alternative WiFi connection or use a different mobile hotspot. Again, contact your ISP if you resolved the errors when you used a different internet connection. 

Update Everything

If you are using your Amazon Prime Video app on your smart TV or other similar devices, check if there are pending updates on the device. You also need to check if you need to update your browser if you are using your Prime Video app on it. Most importantly, check for updates on your Prime Video itself. 

Disable Any Proxy and VPN Server

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Using a proxy or VPN server may also be the reason why you are encountering the error messages on your Prime Video. Make sure you disable these first before you try to use the app again.

Whenever instances occur that using a VPN service is unavoidable, try these providers:

Install the Amazon Prime Video App Again 

If the error codes persist, uninstalling the app from your device might do the trick. Once you have uninstalled it, restart the device first before reinstalling the app. 

Get in Touch with Amazon Prime Video Customer Service Support Team

If none of the steps above help get rid of error codes 6, 60, 28, or 35, your last resort is to contact the support team of Amazon Prime Video to report the problem.



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