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How to Fix Patreon Declined, Canceled or Failed Payments Issue



Everyone knows Patreon! It helps creators get money from their followers.

Sadly, sometimes payments get messy. They get declined or even cancelled. Some don’t even process. This can make creators and patrons upset.

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Top Solutions to Fix Patreon Declined, Canceled or Failed Payments Issue

But don’t worry – in this article, we’ll tackle how to fix this payment issue on Patreon!

Add a New Payment Method on your Patreon Account

The quickest fix to a stubborn payment? Give Patreon a new payment option. You can do this by:

  1. Go right into your Patreon settings.
  2. Zero in on the “Payment methods” slice.
  3. Pop in a fresh card or tweak your current payment method with the correct details.

By bringing in a new payment way, you are keeping your data fresh and accurate. This can put an end to payment snags in the future.

Retry Processing Patreon Payments

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If you’re a creator, don’t give up when payments don’t go through. You can give it another shot. Six more tries, to be exact. All within the same month!

Follow these steps and turn that failure into success:

  1. Step into your Patreon account settings.
  2. Find the “Payments” part.
  3. Eye the payments that didn’t go through and choose to retry them.

By giving it another go, you’re giving Patreon a second chance at making those payments happen. This can be useful as sometimes, things just fail for a moment.

Maybe a short-lived glitch scuppered those payments. A second go could very well make all the difference.

Communicate with Patrons

An open conversation is a way to go. Send them a note saying their payment stumbled. This way, everything’s out in the open.

And it keeps your fans in the loop. Patreon’s got its own messenger, ideal for sending messages to every single supporter or specific ones who faced problems.

Here’s a key detail: being nice is crucial. Seriously. Approach them in a professional, respectful mode. Don’t rain blame or embarrassment on them for what went wrong. Instead, your focus should be on helping them. Give them the facts, and show them how to fix these issues.

It could be a simple glitch, a misplaced digit, or something else entirely. By communicating and navigating through the process together, you’re showing them that you value their support.

Your sincerity, professionalism, and proactive approach may not only win back their contribution but also strengthen your relationship – making your glow on Patreon shine even brighter.

Getting in Touch With Patreon’s Help

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Experiencing issues repeatedly? You’re not alone. Try to shake hands with the Patreon support team. They’re there to help you through every bump in the road.

A full-fledged squad at Patreon is standing by, ready to untangle your payment issues. They’re equipped to answer any queries you might have.

When you dial up Patreon’s help desk, remember to arm yourself with plenty of details about your sticky situation. Information such as:

  • The clock time and calendar day of the payment
  • The payment tool used
  • Any cryptic error texts you stumbled upon

Payment mishaps, be it by decline, cancellation, or plain failure, can sour anyone’s day, whether you’re a creator or a patron.

But the good news? By marching step by step through these tips from this blog post, you can solve these issues. Even prevent them from cooking up a storm again.



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