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How to Find & Use the New Stories Feature on Signal Messaging App



If you want to try something new when it comes to private messaging, Signal is a good option. It is a privacy-focused messaging app that allows you to exchange voice and text messages with all your contacts. You can also do a video call with your friends and send emoji reactions or stickers.

Like other private messengers such as WhatsApp, Signal utilizes end-to-end encryption to create a more secure and private exchange of chat messages. That means your messages are only accessible and readable between you and your recipient. Nobody else can see it unless you show it to them. Stickers and emojis also have special encryption to keep things private for you.


According to Signal, the private messaging company does not collect any data from its users. You can only provide your phone number when using the app. Moreover, users have the option to set if they want their instant messages or chats to disappear at a particular time. All in all, it is much similar to reliability when it comes to security and privacy as with other reliable private messengers.

Now, Signal is bringing in more features that will enhance its function to its users. You can add your own stories on the app, just like on most social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat. Stories make a quick appearance of your updates, whether these are images, text, or videos. It will show up in your contacts within 24 hours.

How to Create & Use Stories on Signal Private Messaging Platform

As of now, the Stories feature is only available for Signal Beta users. Signal is still in its testing mode, so you cannot see it rolling out on your Signal app. You need to become a beta tester first to be among the first users to use Stories on Signal.

How to Be a Signal Beta Tester

Signal Beta testers can share their Stories with their contacts. They can customize who can view and access their Stories. Users can set it to share with all their contacts, a select number of recipients, or any group in their list. Only allowed groups or contacts with access to the Stories can view, share, react, or reply.


Steps to Disable Stories on Signal

If you decided not to use the Stories tool, you can do so by following these steps to turn it off in the Settings:

  • On your Signal app, navigate to Stories.
  • Select Story Privacy settings menu.
  • Choose Turn Off Stories.

What do you think of the Stories feature on Signal? We love to hear your thoughts, so please drop us a comment below.



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