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Delete a Zelle Recipient with Wells Fargo or Bank of America



Sending money is easier using online banking or payment services. When you want to send money to a loved one or friend, you can do so in real-time and within the convenience of your mobile phone. Collecting money is also possible through mobile banking.

Many people are using Zelle as a way to send or receive money online. It is a third-party money transfer service that offers a safe solution for people who do not want to store their money online. When using Zelle, you simply need to enter the mobile number or email address of your recipient. It will then send the money no matter what bank they are using.

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Once you send money via Zelle, it automatically adds your recipient to your list of contacts. That way, you don’t have to enter their details when you send them money again. You can just scroll down your list of recipients and tap on their name to send.

How to Delete or Edit Recipients on Zelle

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If you sent money to someone for one-time only, you could delete the details so as not to store their information in your list. There are different reasons why some people choose to delete a recipient. It can be due to a long list that accumulated, so, deleting contacts will streamline it. You may also want to forget a transaction, and deleting the contact will help you.

Today we will be talking about how to delete Zelle recipients if you are using Wells Fargo and Bank of America as your source bank.

How to Delete a Zelle Recipient with Wells Fargo

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Deleting a Zelle recipient with Wells Fargo is easy. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Launch your Wells Fargo mobile app.
  2. Navigate to Online Banking.
  3. Select Payments and Receivables.
  4. Go to Account Transfer.
  5. Select Zelle Manage Recipients.
  6. Look for the recipient you want to delete.
  7. Next to the details, select Delete.
  8. A confirmation message will appear. Select Yes to confirm.

How to Remove a Zelle Recipient with Bank of America

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If you are using Bank of America to send money, deleting a recipient is also straightforward. Follow the methods below.

  1. Launch your Bank of America mobile app.
  2. Scroll down and look for Transfer Zelle.
  3. Go to Recipients.
  4. Find the details of the recipient you want to delete.
  5. Select Delete and confirm Yes.

That’s it! Anytime you want to delete a recipient in your Zelle app, simply follow the steps above. Take note that it is also practical not to delete transactions and recipients in your mobile banking app. In case you want to double-check your financial history, you always have a copy to look back to.

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  1. It didn’t help as the contact isn’t in that list of recipients but is in another. But I am unable to remove them cuz if I click in their name it goes right to “send money”


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