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How to Fix Netflix Error Code F7701-1003 or F7121-3078



Streaming on Netflix can give you hundreds of movies to watch at any time. You can stream your favorite shows on your Smart TV, laptops, or even on your smartphones.

But, like any other streaming services, Netflix has its share of errors. In this article, we will share some ways on how to fix Netflix Error Code F7701-1003 and F7121-3078. Both errors are related to issues with Mozilla Firefox browser.

What is Netflix Error Code F7701-1003


When you encounter the Netflix error code F7701-1003, you will see these messages:

“Pardon the interruption
We’re having trouble playing Netflix. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of Firefox and try again.”

Netflix error code F7701-1003 has issues with the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) of your browser.

What is Netflix Error Code F7121-3078


Netflix error code F7121-3078 appears when the version of your Mozilla Firefox is no longer supported by Netflix. You will see the following messages:

Please Update Your Browser
Browser Not Supported

Fixing Netflix Error Code F7701-1003 or F7121-3078

Solution #1 – Relaunch Your Firefox Browser

Image / Mozilla
  1. Exit Netflix and close your Firefox Browser.
  2. Wait for a few seconds.
  3. Launch your browser, and try Netflix again.

Solution #2 – Enable Cookies in Your Firefox Browser

Via Mac

  1. Click the three-lined icon.
  2. Choose Preferences and go to Privacy & Security.
  3. Look for History and click Firefox will.
  4. Click Remember history.
  5. Close the tab and launch Netflix

Via Windows

  1. Open the Menu through the three-lined icon.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Go to Privacy & Security.
  4. Go to Firefox will under the History option.
  5. Click Remember history.
  6. Close the tab and open Netflix.

Solution #3 – Enable the DRM Content on Mozilla Firefox

Via Mac

  1. Click the Menu icon and choose Preferences.
  2. Go to Files and Applications section.
  3. Look for Play DRM content. If the box is checked, uncheck it first, then recheck it. If it is unchecked, check the option.
  4. Restart your browser.

Via Windows

  1. Go to the Menu and click Options.
  2. Look for Content or General.
  3. Now, navigate to the Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content.
  4. Look for Play DRM content and uncheck the box. Recheck it to enable. If the box is already unchecked, make sure to check it.
  5. Restart your browser.

Solution #4 – Update Your Mozilla Firefox Browser

Via Mac

When updating your Firefox browser, make sure you are using the Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher. You cannot update your Firefox if you are using an earlier version. A workaround is to use the Safari browser when watching Netflix.

How to Update Mozilla Firefox Browser to Latest Version
Credit: Windows Dispatch
  1. To update your Firefox browser, launch Firefox.
  2. Click the Firefox name on the top left corner and select About Firefox.
  3. If there are available updates, click Update Now.
  4. Wait for the process to finish and restart your computer.

Via Windows

You can update your Firefox browser if you are using Windows 7 and higher. Updates are not supported on Windows Vista and XP. A workaround is to use a different browser.

  1. Open your Firefox browser and click the Firefox name on the screen.
  2. Select About Firefox and click Update Now.
  3. Restart your computer when done.

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  1. I’ve been streaming on Firefox like forever. First time issue. Followed all your steps, to include restarting the system. Windows and Firefox are both up to date. Any other suggestions? Video plays fine on other browsers.


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